P.I. Prof. Antonino Nocera

HOMEY: a Human-centric IoE-based Framework for Supporting the Transition Towards Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 is a novel paradigm identifying the transition from traditional industries towards smart, human-centric, and green-aware industrial ecosystems. Production chains must be focused on the experience and needs of human and must be deeply adjusted in such a way to delegate heavy and repetitive tasks to autonomous devices. Interaction between humans and smart devices has been consolidated by the Internet of Things, whose extension, the Internet of Everything (IoE), involves also processes, and data into a single interconnected environment. This project proposes a human-centric industrial ecosystem based on IoE technology. It deals with the definition of data models, integration strategies and querying mechanisms to represent and extract knowledge, as well as security mechanisms and anomaly detection solutions to guarantee the reliability of the underlying IoE. Then, it aims at developing an immersive digital solution to enable interactions between humans and the digital industrial environment. The project also includes the definition of a support system to provide personalized recommendations to individuals inside a factory.