Computational Sustainability

Computational Sustainability : This research topic is related to algorithms and technologies specific to IT field; the goal is to analyze and propose solutions to problems of environmental, economic and social sustainability. Two themes are currently under development: (a) for the environment, the conservation of biodiversity and the estimation of land use and (b) for society, educational and individual-society interaction

Multiresolution Image Processing : This research topic is related to algorithms for image analysis and processing, mainly for image content retrieval and quality assessment.

TITLE 1: Quality of data and multimedia information Director: M. G. Albanesi The issue of assessing the quality of digital images is tackled by proposing innovative metrics that put the user’s multimedia experience at the centre of attention: this differs by the usual data-centered metrics, like most of the studies in literature.

TITLE 2: Multi-resolution algorithms for image processing Director: M. G. Albanesi At the basis of applied research in the field of sustainability and the evaluation of the quality of multimedia data, there is the activity of study and proposal and evaluation of new image processing algorithms based on the multi-resolution approach, active vision and definition of regions of interest. and attention in the visual data (image or digital georeferenced maps).